Biogaran (Servier Laboratories)


Biogaran, subsidiary of Servier Laboratories, is a major player in the health sector. It is one of the four top French laboratories in terms of the number of medications delivered to patients. Biogaran wanted to develop its brand concept, while at the same time making its medications easier to understand for patients and ensuring they meet current regulations.

The Solution:

To meet Biogaran's needs, Diadeis implemented Mediapharma: a set of tools (workflow, reporting, softproofing and database) which meant the development of packaging projects suited to the health market could be tracked online. Mediapharma takes into account various regulations in the health market and enables information exchanges to be made secure. The design production of the packaging itself follows a refined methodology responding to the need for very high quality (integrating Braille, respecting corporate styles, authorisation system adapted to regulatory constraints, etc.).

The Result:

More robust patient data and collection security. Better control of design implementation phases, resulting in increased reliability and traceability.