Project management

Bold management for big projects

In this time of global brands and mega projects, communication campaigns need to be more versatile and adaptable to an international audience. It is essential that these campaigns work well both at a local and an international level. Hence, these campaigns are accordingly amended. Consequently, our strong marketing teams expertly organize product launches as per the scope required by the client.

Optimizing the graphic chainWe at Diadeis help our clients revamp their graphic chain to give them maximum control over their packaging projects and marketing services:

  • We strategically enhance creative avenues
  • We consolidate product design variation, mechanicals and prepress in production platform mode
  • Our experts coordinate external projects and also work on-site at client headquarters as per client requirements
  • We make use of custom-designed collaborative tools for better monitoring of projects

At Diadeis, our work flow follows an organized systematic pattern:

  • Assembling a dedicated team
  • Drafting detailed description of functions
  • Conception of production and communication processes
  • Writing of technical directives
  • And more.

... Focus
With client inputs we develop performance indicators and monitoring tools that give a clear and accurate insight about the advancement of the project.