Sold in 130 countries in 5 continents, L'Oreal’s product packaging is tailored to each market. The major challenge is to achieve brand consistency on packaging ranges of over 250 references, while being flexible enough to adapt to creative process iterations.

The Solution

Diadeis performs test document creation, artwork and reprographics services for 13 brands distributed in 3 divisions of the group: L’Oréal Active Cosmetics, L'Oréal Luxe, and L'Oréal Consumer Products.
Diadeis coordinates with all the graphic chain players: within L’Oréal International (marketing, packaging development, quality, legal), with the L’Oréal countries and related to printers. Diadeis coordinators are situated in L’Oréal offices to align product ranges and give visibility on project progress.
To meet the dual challenge of creativity and responsiveness, Diadeis invented and created a precise and custom-made organization adapted to the needs of L’Oréal.
In addition to daily exchanges, all production information is centralized within the collaborative tool-ARTIST. The tool consists of a DAM, manages complex workflows, gives real- time visibility on project progress and, includes a translation memory for language management.
A real tool for process facilitation, ARTIST is used by 750 L’ Oréal users around the world.

The result

Guarantee of range packaging consistency while allowing flexibility to safely ensure clean production peaks in the cosmetics sector.