Establishing a recognizable and trusted brand is an art, maintaining brand consistency over time and across product lines is just as much of a challenge. More than a vendor, Mercedes’ creative agency - The Mixx - needed a partner to accompany and support them in this journey.

The solution
Each year, Mercedes Benz releases new dealer sales catalogs for every model, totaling over a thousand images published annually. Since 2011, Diadeis has been providing creative retouching, pre-press and color management for all of those images. Working closely with the creative team from The Mixx and with printers, we ensure brand continuity across all media and from a wide variety of source imagery, including CGI, RGB, and CMYK. Our team of artists has gained a deep understanding of the brand’s identity and manages to combine assets from multiple sources while preserving the brand’s established look and feel.

The result
Brand continuity and consistency across all dealer sales catalogs over the past 4 years.

"Working with Diadeis is a seamless experience due it its innovative, organized and extremely creative staff. We would, and have, recommend them to all our clients."
Senior Art Director at The Mixx