Used by nearly two billion people every day, Unilever brands are among the best known in the world in the areas of food products, domestic cleaning and personal care. A critical issue for the company is to ensure brand integrity in all the countries where it is present.

The Solution:

Diadeis manages the packaging artworks and reprographics for the food, beverages, home and personal care ranges in the APAC-AMET region and the beverage ranges (Lipton, Eléphant, etc.) for all European countries. As there is no break in the chain of responsibility, time-to-market is optimised and the risk of errors is reduced. Dedicated teams guarantee the final quality of the product and ensure the packaging respects each brand's concept, both between countries and between product ranges. Corporate style guides are strictly adhered to in order to achieve an overall uniformity which increases the product's impact with customers.

The result:

Better-known brands and a stronger impact.